Meet Mrs. Brown, a hard working inquisitive journalist giving a voice and a platform to those residing in the Planted Kingdom. The vast array of characters such as Blanche Broccoli, Attorney Artichoke Hart and Monsieur Cherry Tomato are provided the opportunity through fanciful fables and delectable distinctive recipes to provide the public with a whimsical way of approaching and preparing healthy nutritious meals.

Author Semaj Brown, the innovator behind the quirky set of characters brought to life in Feasts and Fables from the Planted Kingdom is no stranger to the literary world. Semaj comes from a background as an acclaimed poet, editor, musician and performing artist who has produced an impressive album of poems. An example of this being Womb Tongue, a play sponsored by The Arts League of Michigan, Scarab Club and National Endowment for the Arts. In addition, Semaj also draws from her work on “What’s for Dinner Mrs. Brown?” a popular radio segment on the Dr. James Brown Freedom From Fat Radio Broadcast, a Cumulus radio station.

However, it is Semaj’s zest for a healthy lifestyle that led her to incorporate her love of the literary world along with what she has coined as “vegetable consciousness”. Feasts and Fables from the Planted Kingdom, available in print as well as an audio version on CD, captures a much needed twist on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle in a manner where fantasy meets a means to create a new standard of living. Semaj is able to mold both into a dynamic and imaginative frolic into a new and exciting world.

“It kind of opens up your mind in a new way about something as non-descriptive as vegetables.” “This is theatre of the mind!” “It’s so cute, but these themes are weighty.” “This should be animated.” “It’s powerful because of its beauty and poetic prose. Hey I’m a believer, how do I get to the Planted Kingdom?” “I could listen to her voice all day.”

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