The Planted Kingdom™ Project of Health Collectors™ LLC was cofounded by Semaj Brown, curriculum builder, author, science educator/artist, and James Brown MD, board certified Family Physician, composer and instrument maker. Planted Kingdom™ is a destination place where the Wonderful Worlds of Vegetables are alive through the magic of innovative integrated art/ science programming. Fun, fantasy, food, and facts create a healthy immersive, whimsical educational experience.

Enter the Planted Kingdom™

The Planted Kingdom™ is a destination place in which wellness is the crown jewel.

The Planted Kingdom™ Experience presents a garden of nutrient-rich, Á la carte courses in healthy lifestyle change.

An interactive, multi-media menu of healthy educational workshops, motivational lectures, theatrical performance, delectable vegetarian cuisine, and engaging festivities are served-up for the entire family.

The Planted Kingdom™ is artful and inspiring, fueling motivation. The extraordinary fusion of facts, fantasy, and food helps to explode entrenched negative

What People are Saying about the Planted Kingdom Experience

“It kind of opens up your mind in a new way about something as non-descriptive as vegetables.”

“It’s so cute, but these themes are weighty.”

“This should be animated.”

“It’s powerful because of its beauty and poetic prose. Hey I’m a believer, how do I get to the Planted Kingdom?”

“I could listen to her voice all day.”

“This should be an animated series on PBS”

“As a teacher, I can use this with my students”

“Hey, girlfriend I’m going to throw a Planted Kingdom Party, we’re going to listen to the CD and cook that food. It’s Delicious”

“I love the idea of having the children dress up like vegetables at Halloween”


More About Feasts and Fables From the Planted Kingdom™

What do you get when an author who is a committed vegetarian, an innovative cook, a storyteller, and a poet sits down to write a book? You get Feasts and Fables from the Planted Kingdom, a delightful cookbook which offers practical, healthy, vegetarian recipes, accompanied by whimsical stories told by the vegetables themselves! Admit it. You always suspected that the plants were alive and engaged in running the Green realm. Inspired by these fables, you will achieve an even higher level of Green consciousness!

Butterfly Building

Butterfly Building is a self-actualization program for women, a thought changing, new pattern making accountability partner of sorts, emanating from the imagination, and curriculum building TiSiWiDi skill set of Semaj Brown. In 2010, after urging from her husband, James Brown, MD, Semaj designed Butterfly Building, which was intended to be a personal comprehensive program for her to lose weight. It was complete with a course catalogue, Flight Manual: Declaration of independent Flight, Butterfly Bill of Rights, Veg Allegiance, and Constitution with anti- gravity activities, workshops, vegan cooking classes she taught herself, and more. Semaj explains her motivation: “I was holding a great deal of pain, my daughter had died from a blood disease, and I was yet grieving. I needed to do something, if I was to live. This was my chance at beginning. I would have to be the architect of rebuilding me. I imagined myself free. I imagined myself to be a butterfly.”

Onion Revolt! A Healthy Musical Comedy

Onion Revolt! A Healthy Musical Comedy. The One Woman Show featuring Semaj Brown is captivating. It sprouts from the story cookbook and CD, Feasts and Fables from the Planted Kingdom.™ Audiences are mesmerized and drawn into the world of vegetable intrigue as Semaj transforms into the prim Mrs. Brown and magnificently gives life to over fourteen different characters in a stellar theatrical performance. The prim Mrs. Brown, a reporter embedded on the Green Front is determined to cover the Onion Rebellion story for the Associated Plants News Network. James Brown, MD Musical Director

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Posted Jan. 1, 2014