What is the Planted KingdomTM?
Planted KingdomTM is a destination place where wellness and better nutrition is the crown jewel. The Planted KingdomTM Experience presents a garden of nutrient-rich Á la carte courses that combine art and science into an interactive multi-media menu of healthy educational workshops, motivational lectures, theatrical performance, delectable vegetarian cuisine, and engaging festivities served-up for the entire family. Planted Kingdom’s artful inspiration fuels motivation. The extraordinary fusion of facts, fantasy, and food helps our community establish a Vegetable Consciousness.

What is Vegetable Consciousness?
Vegetable Consciousness is a state of being, an awareness, an understanding that vegetables and other plant foods are our partners in good health.

Who are the Food Guardians?
In the fantastical world of the Planted KingdomTM, Food Guardian is a title bestowed upon the two- footed humans. It is a term that suggests people are responsible for caring for the production and preparation of wholesome foods.

To create a Vegetable Consciousness

The integrated immersion curriculum of the Planted KingdomTM Project, Creating a Vegetable Consciousness through Science, Art, Craft Work, Music and Theater intends to:
a) Awaken and teach the inherent benefits related to the consumption of the plant based world of vegetables
b) Make the desire for vegetables an important part of participants daily nutritional lives
c) Understand the relationship between plants foods and good nutrition
d) Use the art of science, painting, theater, music and craft work to stretch the imagination and garner creative energy to fuel healthier nutritional choices
e) To understand the concept of live food.
f) To introduce Plant Cell Studies and the importance of chlorophyll to the production of food
g) To illustrate healthy eating through a theatrical food justice paradigm

In Search of Chlorophyll

A seed not yet germinated is a thought not yet actualized.

Seeds require optimal conditions to expand into greater beings from a state of potentiality. Seeds are the behind the scenes aspect of the production. But, how do we activate the potential of a child into a greater being? While sun, water and pollen are necessary to spark seed growth, it is inquiry that ignites the programming of the Planted Kingdom™. Creating a Vegetable Consciousness (CVC, fertilizes the mind with questions that in turn generate ideas. CVC initiates as a mystery — searching for chlorophyll. What is Green? Where does Green hide or live? Cofounder, author educator of the Planted Kingdom™ Project, Semaj Brown probes via microscopic studies, (using the scientific method) in plasmolysis experiments with a little help
from Elodea Plant cells, sodium chloride, and magnetic resonance imaging of vegetables.

Vegetable Anatomy 101

Get Rooted, Stay Rooted!

Hidden! Roots are branches that grow underground like a good secret. Many concealed structures of the plant world are vital to life. Craft-master and fashion designer, Rosie Ray helps club members to discover those concealed structures, sometimes microscopic. Once revealed, club members bring what was inside— out via the building of life-size vegetable parts, (organelles). By facilitating lessons in vegetable morphology, club members can analyze form and function of vegetable structures, and ask the important question: What are the unseen vital parts of their community? Insights are gained by recreating plants’ transportation system on the xylem and phloem highway? Where will this thoroughfare lead the club members? Perhaps to — Vegetable Anatomy 101 or to the new Co-op grocery store in North Flint or to the beloved Farmer’s Market!

Painting Vegetables Alive!

Challenging the Living/ Non living Binary

Stems lift leaves to the sun. Visual art is an aesthetic elevation reflecting the light of the color spectrum. Stems grow as do students when stretched by luminous imagination dipped in hue, and cultivated by visual artist/educator, retired Kettering University Dean, Edith Withey. In this class, Painting Vegetables Alive, vegetables are abstracted, brush stroked into life onto super canvases, giving new meaning to the idea and reality of — vegetable, a complete living thing—an active individual in the garden, on the plate or painted to paper. Boys and Girls Club members will also enjoy a special Saturday designed to further expand the blending of science and art. Students will experience the awe and whimsy of glass being blown like a mind floating in
wonder at the beautiful gallery/workshops, in the new wing of the Flint Institute of Arts.

Squash Opera

Fantasy, Facts, Food and Fun!

These are the tenets of the Planted Kingdom™ where people see music in their ears, and leaves are in the unique business of making food through the process of singing photosynthesis. Music director Diane Kirksey manufactures a different kind of food, food for the soul; she makes music. Club members will be immersed in song as they learn The Squash Opera, authored by Semaj Brown and directed by the retired Flint Public Schools educator, and youth music director, Diane Kirksey. The focus is on the tone and harmony of laughter as students transform into singing vegetable leaves that tout the difficult plight of the Squashes. The Squash opera is a made for family comedic composition with a serious message.

Vegetable Theater

Theater is a Full Flower in Blossom.
In plant development, the flower ushers in the fruit. Theater is the fruit. In this genre of dramatic performance where all vital parts: the seed of inception, the rising stem in the form of a script emerging, the leaves as actors, converge in the ultimate resolution in the fruit of Vegetable Theater! Children’s Theater director/actor, and McCree Theater veteran, Billie Scott Lindo will utilize her expertise to introduce the magical thinking of the Planted Kingdom™ into compelling performing arts. The script derives from Onion Revolt: A Healthy Comedy where students become rooted fruit and vegetable performers who dramatize the issues in the Planted Kingdom™ which seem to be curiously caused by those Two-Footed humans. Hmm?




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