“Where am I from? I am from the blood of fire river where the strike of friction against rock of flint smokes tongues of resistance, lead burning brains and bodies of the resilient beautiful.”

– Semaj Brown

The Load Bearer

Where am I to place all the merciless murders of the unarmed? In 12 inches, she will carry them. As there are lavender angels who fashion dolls to look as I look, to be the load bearer.

The artist said, “We will call her Semaj.” Thank you Rosie Ray-Henderson for this soft mirror, reflection of styled upholstery, reading fire wind. Welcoming her is affirming as she is extant, a creation from where the sea levitates as sky, from where a stone speaks slowly of time, from where pregnant is the laugh with sorrow, with consternation, and careful joy, from where 2,000 years before, I drank waves from Kilimanjaro Falls, cascading and carving prophecy inside of me.

Today, I write her name in the Book of Blood River Twisted Carcass: Breonna Taylor lives in this land of no wings.

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“The ancestors speak! You are our gift in regenerating philosophies and systems that embrace our wholeness! Blessings!” | Professor Otrude Moyo, Ph.D. • Director of Department of Social Work, Indiana University -South Bend