Black Dandelion

Warning Signs hovered like low hanging clouds: No Blooming Allowed; Blossoms Will be Prosecuted These brave plants grew just for me Grew in spite of a society that favored a monochromatic landscape

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R.O.A.R Rhymes of Applied Rights

I imitate no one I am the sole one I am unique If you can’t see me Then, you can’t see Glasses are what you need

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When Fools Talk to Me

The axis of our planet straightens. Untruths that pollute bow, bow, bow down and disintegrate into the debris of a sneeze. Ahchew! The atmosphere is activated. The moon, my ride and die, pulls water strings uuupppp, the sea high-fives in wave gesture as hate evaporates. Gravity genuflects. There is a hierarchical reset.

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Dissonace of Memory

Did you forget how you found me? I was flatter than a single dimension my palate was an old wall from an old house layered with stories of color

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The Stolen Cocoa Bean Head

This chocolate chip was shoplifted from Liberia was mass produced in the flavor of chattel was corrupted by sucrose and was seduced by Bettye Crocker

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Wave Rock!

“You Can’t Clock the Rock, You Can’t Stop the Wave” That’s for you Mommy, that’s Wave Rock, You Can’t Clock the Rock, You Can’t Stop the Wave, that’s for you mommy, that’s Wave Rock!”

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Dr. Brown’s Writing About Semaj Work

I am continually amazed by my wife, Semaj’s journey as a Broadside Lotus Press Poet, literary artist, educator, performer, inspirational story teller, and curriculum community builder. Her excursion into the world of words began when she was a child; her mother, who you will meet in this book as The Ultraviolet Light of Bessie L. James supplied young Semaj a daily diet of Legacy Poets from Dudley Randall’s Broadside Lotus Press.

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