R.O.A.R (Rhymes of Applied Rights) by Semaj Brown From the book,
Bleeding Fire! Tap the Eternal Spring of Regenerative Light

These rhymes are boundary-building affirmations to be used
while stepping, cheering, jumping rope or singing camp songs, or during
Rites of Passage — or anytime to reinforce a girl’s or a woman’s ROAR.

ROAR (Rhymes of Applied Rights)

A, B, C, Don’t touch me
4, 5, 6, None of your tricks
7, 8, 9 If I say no
Don’t cross the line

I imitate no one
I am the sole one
I am unique
If you can’t see me
Then, you can’t see
Glasses are what you need

No, means, hell no!
I don’t care, if you go
In fact, I will leave
I can do as I please
I am free, free, free!

I’m not honey
I’m not sticky
Just call me by my name
Respect will come more quickly

Violence against me
You should dread
Tables have turned
I’ll leave you for dead

My body is my body
My hair is my hair
My vulva is my vulva
Don’t you put your hands there!

My chest will grow breasts
Not to push up and expose
Why must I be the one to dance
half naked without clothes?

I don’t want to have children
Till I want to have children
If I want to have children, okay
not here, not now
will have its way!

I don’t want to have a baby
Till it’s time to have a baby
And it won’t be time, till I say
Till I make up my mind
is my mind,
is my Mind,
is my Mind
I slay

Beauty is a gift
Given at birth
Your compliments
Your approval
don’t give me value or worth

I am legitimate because I exist
I am valuable, the ancestor’s gift
I am worthy, a girl who will build
a better world for families
to live fulfilled

Because I like you
And you like me
You don’t own me
I’m not your property