From the book, Bleeding Fire! Tap the Eternal Spring of Regenerative Light

Stolen Cocoa Bean Head

This chocolate chip
baked down its legs
got squat in a cookie
said I am the color of caca
I move slower than decomposition
I do not roll
packed in the gulley of middle passage.

This chocolate chip
pressed its arms into a blob
said I have no digital manipulatives
They were chopped off on the selling block
I do not roll
smashed like cargo in sacs of burlap

This chocolate chip
was shoplifted from Liberia
was mass produced in the flavor of chattel
was corrupted by sucrose and
was seduced by Bettye Crocker

This chocolate chip
had its mother homogenized
into a milk factory
for privileged infants
had its language denatured
behind muffled doors of corporate laboratories
had its spirituality poured into molds of
whoring Easter bunnies

This chocolate chip
became the envy of potato chips
became the repugnant desire of vanilla
became a cross-dressing peanut almond and crispy
became the national sweet tooth
became the reason for carob
became the blame of cavities
became the melt of Cesar Chavez
became a laxative
and moved on the backs of migrant workers
from South America to candy-coated minstrel shows

This chocolate chip said
I am that slave ship you wear as a hat
I am the rape of double boilers
I am free-based Hershey bars
I am good company for tar and nicotine
the snort of Swiss miss up your nose
an acne necklace
an acceptable addiction for your children

This chocolate chip said
somewhere in me
there is a cocoa bean
somewhere in me
lives the stolen head of a man