The Buying, Frying, Making Baking of African American Domestic Stereotypes

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About Keisha

The rodents that infest Keisha’s apartment are not Keisha’s fault. The bowl of empty for dinner is not Keisha’s fault. The shattered windows from socially engineered bullets are not her fault. Nine- year-old Keisha did not design institutional racism, a system that requires an inferior educational system to ensure substandard life for the majority — to guarantee illiteracy, forcing Keisha into vulnerability, into domestic violence, into incarceration and sex traffic victimization.

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Story of the Mother Bessie L. James

“Now, which is the raspberry stem and which is the sucker? Look closely. Which one of these is the sucker?” My memory was tripped by her intensity. Here I was again, trying to decipher between two gangly stems that looked identical. I stared into the swaying green mother’s hand had just brushed. “Look, can’t you see the difference?”

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