Album/CD of Fanciful Lyrical Fables set to Magical Music Listen to excerpts

“I was running late, there had been a family emergency. I had not an opportunity to complete my weekly nutritional, historical research regarding the featured vegetable that was slated to debut in Mrs. Brown’s “delicious nutritious dishes.” for Cumulus Radio 1570 , The Doctor James Brown Freedom From Fat Radio Broadcast. Up until this time, my segment had been fairly conventional, deliberately retrograde with Dr. Brown singing, a 1950s style introduction: “What’s for Dinner Mrs. Brown,” and me demurely responding, “Good tasting, delicious.” Time was running out and I went on-air in a flurry.  I conveyed my on-air fluster in a spontaneously generated new character. I explained to the listeners, “ I sound frazzled because I had been trapped in the garden, attacked by the Onions!”

People loved it; the first Fable, “Onion Revolt!” and a Mrs. Brown who could speak plant were born.  After substantial prodding from Planted Kingdom enthusiasts, I went on to record nine of the eleven Fables from the Story Cookbook . The recipes are found in the gluten free vegetarian, story cookbook.

Video Excerpts

In the recording studio, Semaj was sincerely planted, assisted by the critique and robust broadcast of her husband, James Brown, MD who plays Stalk Cutright, the Planted Kingdom correspondent who announces each Fable.  Vintage friend and operatic singer, Denise Millhollen dropped in from Portland, and laid down some amazing character vocals at the Chosen Few recording studio in Flint, MI.  You can hear Denise soaring on the dream sequence track, “Like Music, Like Squash” It was the consistent professionalism of the highly skilled and extremely talented studio engineer, Jean Lumetta who tied a marvelous creative bow, connecting sound artistry and precision.  Semaj glowed as she discussed the process:  “Every studio session was magical, inspirational… and it is that intangible joy which is conveyed throughout this CD. Jean’s talent is beyond extraordinary”

This Fabled CD is visually introduced by the masterful art of noted New York artist, Jasmine Murrell.  Check out the cover. Say hello to Blanche Broccoli, an island reporter in the Planted Kingdom. Look closer, some suggest Jasmine Murrell drew a soul into the center of chlorophyll.