About The Poetry Pod Project (P3)

The Poetry Pod Project (P3) is Semaj Brown’s poet laureate civic focus. P3 unfolds with ambition. To understand the structural and systemic, seemingly insurmountable scourge of illiteracy, and yet despite barriers organize and implement sustainable poetry programming throughout the City of Flint, is the goal. To ignite, to foment a culture of poetry, and thus literacy is the mission. To impart programming designed to increase reading and writing skills while integrating arts and sciences is the innovation. 

P3 is programming of promise and possibility. Flint’s First Poet Laureate is the recipient of the prestigious, Poet Laureate Fellowship Award, 2021 from the esteemed Academy of American Poets for her literary work and innovative programming:  Poetry Letters: Poetry as a 2nd Language! The Academy also recognizes Flint Foundation “Zeta Beta Zeta Flint Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.” as the 2021 community partners of the Poetry Letters initiative. 

Poetry Paints in Collaboration with Mott Warsh Collection

Stephanie James, Director/ Curator | Freeman Elementary School Principal Anna Johnson

Poetry Pen Pals | Dance Poems

Collaboration with Al Nur Dance Troup

Poetry in the Garden

Brownell Blvd. Coalition | Ladel Lewis, PhD.