“They are Reverse Waterfalls Standing Erect!” ~Semaj Brown

When I first experienced the poem, Making of a New Tribe, by esteemed poet and playwright Semaj Brown, instantly, I thought — LEGACY. African American women carry the ideas, hopes, aspirations, and ambitions of their ancestors in their veins— veins imbued with Black girl magical spirit of Mother Ocean, so conveyed in this poetic masterpiece which is rarified allegory of spiritual, mystical realism. Semaj brings us full circle flowing through centuries. Literary current takes us beyond survival and struggle to transformational success. Semaj’s words are waves that lift us, wrap us in the strength, and warmth of those who came before, while reminding us of our beauty and power:

“Mother of Eden, Original Prototype of Opaque Skin, Eyes of Stained Glass Wisdom and Legacy washed hair”

The Ocean narrator persuades, “My daughters were always complete.” Mother Ocean: The Making of a New Tribe poem takes us on a historical, triumphant voyage, one I have never seen in poetry, and leaves us feeling—WHOLE.

By Marissa A. Pierce

Public and Community Relations Coordinator
Flint Institute of Arts

The Mother Ocean booklet is complete with an appendix making it a perfect tool for teaching.

Aurora Harris Writes about Mother Ocean

Semaj is a Detroit daughter now residing in Flint, Michigan with her husband, Dr. James Brown. Semaj holds the distinction of being one of Detroit’s Broadside Lotus Press Progeny Poets; her work is appreciated and loved from New York to Oakland.

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Mother Ocean : Making of a New Tribe

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