High school senior Ethan Wang Interviews Poet Laureate, Semaj Brown for tHe National Student Poet Inquiry

Carmen Ainsworth High School Flint Youth Protest Rally Farmer’s Market,Carrie Mattern, Advisor to Flint Youth Protest, Language Arts teacher:

“Ms. Brown not only gave permission for the Flint Youth Protest to read her work at their BLM Protest in June, she mentored and educated both organizers David Guster and Eeyshia King. Guster’s performance of her piece was the highlight of many attendees. The impact her words, and the passion she has for educating the youth of Flint, is an asset that the community can build on for future growth and success. It is her dedication to community and the culture that resonates within her words. It is her love of education that resonates within her work. We are so grateful to Ms. Brown and her leadership.”

Mama Semaj works with our Youth.
“They are Everything!” -Semaj Brown

Poem “2 Seconds” by Semaj Brown recited by Simone Simmons of Al Nur

The “New” McCree Theatre presents the 2021 Virtual Youth Art Explosion
Semaj Brown and Simone Simmons read 2 Seconds