Semaj Brown brings over 3 decades of innovative cross curriculum development to children, and their families. Her pedagogy is integrated/interdisciplinary workshop that recalibrated, offering new opportunity to engage our world.   The didactic design is coined: “TiSiWiDi. It is an experience driven game/play methodology resulting in poems defying genre to become science, or anything the mind can imagine.  Examples of such programming follows:

Black Dandelion Convergent Voice

Pathways of Preparation – Entering the Wonderful World of Words The “New” McCree Theatre

Released May 2022

National Poetry Month Workshop with McCree Theatre

April 2021

Creating a Vegetable Consciousness Course

The age old question yet begs: How do we get our children and families to eat more vegetables? Enter—Planted Kingdom™ Project, a branch of Health Collectors™ LLC operating since 2003. The Browns’ healthy vortex, of creative programming and philanthropic efforts manifest what Semaj coined a—Vegetable Consciousness.

Project : Water Us Course

Popularized notions of the artistic, the creative, may conjure imagistic frivolity—indulgences of the elite class; but, The Pierians Inc., Flint Chapter— know differently. The Flint Chapter Pierians recognize art to be a healing balm as well as a powerful force for social change, and would like to thank the Pierian Foundation for this opportunity of service through the arts.

Pop Up Science Lab Course

The educational morphology implemented here in the Detroit Independent Freedom School designed by science educator, Semaj Brown and Family Physician, James Brown, MD reveal a concentric relatedness of subject not typically found in Biology courses. From elementary to college, biology text books consistently order subject matter to reflect developmental progression: cell, tissue, organ, systems, and organism.

Butterfly Building Course

Butterfly Building is a self-actualization program for women, a thought changing, new pattern making accountability partner of sorts, emanating from the imagination, and curriculum building TiSiWiDi skill set of Semaj Brown. In 2010, after urging from her husband, James Brown, MD, Semaj designed Butterfly Building, which was intended to be a personal comprehensive program for her to lose weight. It was complete with a course catalogue, Flight Manual: Declaration of independent Flight, Butterfly Bill of Rights, Veg Allegiance, and Constitution with anti- gravity activities, workshops, vegan cooking classes she taught herself, and more. Semaj explains her motivation: “I was holding a great deal of pain, my daughter had died from a blood disease, and I was yet grieving. I needed to do something, if I was to live. This was my chance at beginning. I would have to be the architect of rebuilding me. I imagined myself free. I imagined myself to be a butterfly.”