Health Collectors™ is a limited liability corporation founded by the married duo James Brown, MD, a Board Certified, award winning Family Physician and Semaj Brown, a literary and performing artist, science educator, and curriculum builder. The mission of Health Collectors™ is to promote wellness and better health through innovative, integrated art/science programming. Health Collectors™ grew from the community service of the private medical practice of Dr. James Brown with Semaj Brown as Director of Community Outreach.

A most relevant 2020 innovation to emerge from Health Collectors™ is Dr. James Brown as moderator for the COVID 19: African American Disparities in Health Care Series at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, as seen on Detroit Public Television, DPTV. Please read full Article HERE. The series is the creation of Charles Ferrell, Vice President of Public Programs. In the first installment of the 5 part video series, Environmental Racism Goes Viral, Dr. Brown interviewed esteemed author Harriet A. Washington of the best-selling, ground breaking book, Medical Apartheid. With unpresented death and injury, the pandemic wreaked disproportional havoc on the African American community, therefore in the third installment: Mental Health Challenges and Solutions, Dr. Brown interviewed two psychiatrists: Michele Reid, MD and Curtis Oliver Longs, MD. The fourth video: The History of African Americans and Pandemics/ Reflections of a Corvid 19 Survivor features historian, Baba Jamon Jordan.

Services offered by Health Collectors™

Health Collectors provides workshops on a variety of subjects including nutrition, obesity management, vegetarian cooking, and general wellness. Health Collectors also creates engaging stage and radio performances that make wellness and healthy living fun and engaging.

For the past 17 years, the programming of Health Collectors™ LLC has been informed by the integrated immersive pedagogy developed by Semaj Brown. Semaj brings her approach coined, Vegetable Consciousness to health education programming. Health Collectors™ sponsored and organized 3 major health conferences, created over 50 health education workshops, produced 2 entertaining broadcast radio shows— Ask the Doctor on Gospel radio 1440 Flint, and The Freedom From Fat Radio Broadcast 1570 Cumulus where a popular segment, What’s For Dinner Mrs. Brown sprouted the gluten free vegetarian story cookbook and CD, Feasts and Fables from the Planted Kingdom. Youth and adult programming such as Butterfly Building, a Women’s Actualization program was designed by Semaj Brown complete with metamorphosis strategies. Read more about Dr. Brown writes about Semaj Brown.

The Browns are sought after Keynote speakers often appearing together encouraging the boundlessness of the “The Black Love Galaxy.” (2017, NY NY) Jacob Isaacs’s video on Black Love. In 2014, Health Collectors™ debuted the celebrated theatrical work, Onion Revolt: A Healthy Comedy, written and directed, and performed by Semaj Brown with James Brown, MD as musical director. Health Collectors™ launched —The Planted Kingdom™ Project which was fertile ground for over 70 customized workshops for the Flint and Detroit community. In 2017 Semaj designed curriculum for the Pop-Up Science Lab at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit for The Detroit Freedoms Schools Movement. The Browns have been widely covered in the media including a My City Magazine feature They have partnered with many non-profit organizations, churches, hospitals, libraries, museums and more.

Read About Co-Founder – Semaj Brown

Semaj Brown thinks outside the line; she sees the invisible beat. Flint, Michigan’s First Poet Laureate is a 21st century innovator in the areas of the literary arts, health/ science education, and theater. Semaj moves about town with microscope in one hand, poems in the other as she draws correlations between sentence structure and math equations. She is a science driven Bleeding Fire social critic, an author, performer, director of elaborate theatrical poetry productions, and a builder of integrated curriculum. Cofounder along with her husband James Brown, MD of The Planted Kingdom™ and Health Collectors™ LLC, Semaj is a sought after Broadside Lotus Press poet who has read and performed her work nationally. Semaj is recognized by the Academy of American poets in New York, New York. You can find her column at The Flint Courier News.

Read About Co-Founder – James Brown, MD

James Brown M.D., a board certified Family Physician, according to his patients is no ordinary doctor. “This doctor is a medical minister!” As a dynamic motivational speaker and radio personality, audience members experience spiritual renewal. James Brown, M.D. gives more than accurate health information. Along with his wife Semaj, Dr. Brown cofounded Health Collectors™ LLC. Health Collectors™ maintains: Good Health is Great Wealth, and is dedicated to positive lifestyle change.