Media Collage (1997- 2004)

Collage of Past Articles from Semaj’s Past

What is Happening Now…Media Releases Since 2013

Semaj Brown has been is a bit of a media fascination, and is often featured in the media due to her civic charge as poet laureate, and her many innovative projects. She is described as a twinkling star; with every flash Semaj’s varied dimensions emerge:  performer, installation educator, thoughtful poet, essayist, lecturer, and public speaker. These official statements delivered to the media in the form of what is called a media or press release are catalogued, in this section according to the most recent, 2020 — dating back to 2013 with the launch of the Planted Kingdom™ the LLC that creates healthy art/science programming where vegetables are alive on the Green Front, complete with recipes, a vegetarian gluten free story cookbook, and a theatrical production, “Onion Revolt.” These media releases tell a story of this eclectic artist’s journey. The accounts include Semaj’s return from a lengthy poetry writing hiatus with the penning, and performance of her iconic poem, “Mother Ocean” (The Making of a New Tribe), 2017.

Black Dandelion: Convergent Voice, BDCV, an outgrowth of PSL: The Semajian Method

Released Feb. 14, 2023

    Flint Poet Laureate Closes Out
 Innovative Academy of American Poets Fellowship

    Released May 18, 2022


    Released Feb. 28, 2022

    Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Zeta Beta Zeta Chapter Flint Zeta Foundation

    Released Nov. 2021

    The Academy of American Poets 2021

    Posted June 3, 2021

    The “Mother Ocean” Odyssey

    Posted Feb. 21, 2021

    Join the Conversation Indiana University Release

    Posted Dec. 21, 2020

    50th Anniversary of Earth Day, Vote the Earth

    Posted Oct. 29, 2020

    Flint Poet Laureate Speaks to Law Class

    September 10, 2020

    UM-Flint – Refine Reality Online Performance Review

    Posted July 14, 2020

    James E. Kennedy Family Life Center

    Posted June 3, 2020

    UM-Flint Hosts Semaj Brown

    Posted June 2020

    Flint’s First Poet Laureate Semaj Brown Bleeds Fire!

    Posted Feb. 13, 2020

    Church Leaders Release

    Posted Nov. 24, 2019

    Flint Public Library presents poet Semaj Brown: Bleeding Fire!

    Posted Sept. 17, 2019

    MW Gallery Review

    Posted Aug. 14, 2019

    Planted Kingdom Project Immersive Educational Workshop

    Posted Aug. 2018

    Pierians Foundation, Inc. Award

    Posted April 19, 2017

    PRLog Press Release

    Posted Mar. 20, 2014

    Nichole Graham Health Collectors

    Posted Sept. 16, 2013